The Basics of How Reclaiming InP Wafers Works


June 2, 2020

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InP reclaim wafers can be used as a test wafer for various applications, specifically for optimizing and monitoring manufacturing processes. This helps reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the results. Reclaiming wafers can be done up to three times, which means triple the savings and less waste is produced. In this article, we will discuss the complexity of the InP wafer reclaim process.

Why is Reclaiming Wafers Complex?

Test wafers are wafers that failed one or more specifications in the attempt to fabricate prime wafers. Test wafers are just as good as prime wafers except that they have a very wide resistivity range and no flatness specification. InP reclaim wafers can be used as a test wafer for testing equipment and for other uses that require a large number of wafers. They're also widely used for solar cell production and integrated circuit fabrication. As long as these wafers meet the standards for test wafers, everything will go well.

Basics of Reclaiming Wafers:

Reclaiming wafers is a complex process that aims to convert a used wafer into a functional, good-quality wafer. This allows wafer manufacturers to cut costs without compromising on the quality of the results or performance of a product. Reclaim wafers are thinner compared to virgin wafers because of how they’ve been processed repeatedly, but they’re just as efficient and effective. The process starts by sorting good wafers from bad wafers, further inspection for any damages that may affect the performance of the wafer, and evaluation to prevent contamination during the reclaiming.  After the wafers have been evaluated for contamination and defects, they will then go through stripping and grinding to get rid of any metallic films on the surface. They are then cleaned, inspected, and certified that they have passed the standards for test wafers before they are packaged. Reclaiming wafers is complex because of how its processes could restrain the growth of the wafer reclaim the market. Any error in the measurement of defect levels can hinder the entire manufacturing process.

How to get a Float Zone Wafer?

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