What You Should Know About the Standard Uses of InP Reclaim Wafers


May 8, 2020

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Using InP reclaim wafers for various test wafer applications, including particle monitors and equipment set-up, will allow you to cut back on costs without compromising on product quality. That's why wafer reclaiming has been used for more than a decade in the semiconductor industry. These are the standard uses of reclaim wafers and the processes involved in reclaiming wafers.

What are standard uses of inp relcaim wafers?

What are the Standards for Prime Test InP Reclaim Wafers?

Reclaimed wafers have been carefully reconditioned and processed to be used as test wafers for different applications. Because they’re somehow “recycled,” the throughput costs are lower compared to brand-new wafers, but their quality is just as good as the brand-new ones. And because reclaim wafers can meet if not exceed the standards for prime test wafers, they’re widely used in various applications.Reclaim Wafer Standards & Uses:

  • Furnace Wafers for controlling thermal processes.
  • Implant Monitoring.
  • Testing lithography equipment wherein surface flatness is essential for process monitoring.
  • The mechanical wafer for process and equipment testing.
  • Particle wafer for monitoring area cleanliness.

InP reclaim wafers are widely used for prime test wafer applications such as furnace filters, equipment demonstrations, particle monitors, equipment set-up, and more. They're the most preferred type of reclaimed material for these types of applications because of the advantages it offers.

Wafer Reclaiming Process

  • Visual Inspection – wafers that are suitable for reclaiming are wafers that have no major flaws like chipped edges or any serious scratches. Once they pass the inspection, their thickness is measured to guarantee that there's still sufficient material to work worth during the reclaiming process.
  • After visual inspection, the wafers will then go through a chemical stripping process to get rid of thin films from wafer processing.
  • After getting rid of thin films, the wafers will then go through various polishing steps to bring back the mirror-like, smooth, and defect-free surface of the wafers.
  • After polishing, the wafers are then cleaned, washed, rinsed, and then dried to make sure they’re of prime quality.
What are uses of inp relcaim wafers?

Want to Learn More About InP Reclaim Wafers?

There are several interesting and important uses for InP reclaim wafers for testing and monitoring applications. At Wafer World, you can learn more about these wafers and what they can do for you. Contact us today for information!

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