InP Reclaim Wafers | What You Need to Know About InP Reclaim Wafers


December 11, 2019

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Using brand-new wafers for testing and qualification for high-frequency and high-power electronic device applications can get expensive. That’s why, wafer manufacturers, result in utilizing InP reclaim wafers, so they can get the benefit of a brand-new test wafer without paying for the full price. If your project has something to do with InP wafers, you may want to consider using InP reclaim wafers for your testing process. In this article, we will discuss to you what you need to know about InP reclaim wafers. InP means Indium Phosphide. It is a binary semiconductor which belongs to the III-V group. Because of its outstanding electron velocity, it’s widely used for high-frequency and high-power electronic devices and applications.

Reclaiming Wafers

Reclaimed wafers are wafers that have been cleaned and reprocessed so they can be used again for another purpose. What's excellent about reclaiming wafers is that it can be done multiple times or until the wafer becomes too brittle for recycling. The only difference between brand-new InP wafers and InP reclaim wafers is its thickness. Reclaim wafers are often thinner, but they provide similar performance. Reclaiming wafers involve the use of both dry and wet techniques to get rid of impurities and unwanted matters from the previously installed InP wafers. After the elimination of pollutants, the wafers are cleaned and polished to restore its surface to a good grade.

InP Wafers Have the Following Properties:

  • Superior electron velocity.
  • Direct bandgap.
  • It is used as a substrate for optoelectronic applications.
  • It is considered as one of the most crucial components for laser signal generation, detection, and conversion.
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