Why Choose InP Reclaim Wafers?


April 1, 2021

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Are you looking to find InP reclaim wafers for your upcoming project? If you think that an indium phosphide (InP) reclaim wafer isn’t as effective and efficient as the standard InP wafer, think again. Due to the various processes they’ve undergone, these ultra-thin reclaim wafers are known to be free from any signs of chemical particulates and other impurities.Since these wafers are thinner than regular InP wafers, manufacturers can attest to their enhanced performance when they’re used for testing and qualifying different electronic applications and devices. Best of all, they don’t cost as much as the standard InP wafers. Let’s dive deep and explore the reasons why you should choose indium phosphide reclaim wafers.

inp reclaim wafers

Top Reasons Why Choosing Indium Phosphide Reclaim Wafers Makes Sense

The Reclaiming Process Can Be Done Multiple Times

A reclaim wafer can go through the reclaiming process multiple times until it becomes too thin to be used. Each time it undergoes the reclaiming process via a combination of wet and dry methods, layers of unwanted contaminants are eliminated from their surfaces. To restore them to a usable grade, these reclaimed wafers are thoroughly cleaned before they’re carefully polished.

They Won’t Break Your Budget

If you’re monitoring your manufacturing process and equipment, the reclaim wafers are not as expensive as prime-grade wafers. This gives you the advantage of maximizing the value of your previously utilized substrates. They’re the ideal choice for manufacturers looking for a cheaper alternative to standard InP wafers without compromising their performance quality.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Since reclaimed wafers can be recycled multiple times, they allow you to reduce the amount of waste you release into the environment. Besides allowing you to triple your savings, using reclaimed wafers can also help you save our home planet!

inp reclaim wafers

Are You Looking for High-Quality InP Reclaim Wafers?

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