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February 4, 2019

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Companies wish that there was a cheaper alternative that still offers the same superior quality that wafers do. Unfortunately, there is none. And in spite of semiconductors’ increasing presence in common everyday items, the cost has not reduced. This is where INP Reclaim Wafers come into the picture. Let us take a closer look at the reclaiming process!

What is INP?

INP stands for Indium Phosphide. It is indium and phosphorus made into a binary semiconductor. InP is usually used in an extremely powerful and high-frequency electronics. This is because InP possesses a superior electron velocity compared to other semiconductors like silicon and GaAs. Examples of InP applications are lasers, amplifiers, fiber optic network parts and, many others.

INP Reclaim Wafer Process

The reclaim process involves an ocular inspection. We need to check that there is no critical defect on the wafer such as cracked corners or any scrapes. After passing this stage, its diameter will be measured. This is to make sure that there is still enough of the material that can be utilized. After the measurement, the wafer then goes through what they call a “chemical stripping process”. It is used to carefully remove undesired materials from the wafer. The final process involves polishing, chemical cleaning, washing, rinsing and then drying. This occurs by using proper technique and according to industry standards.

Restoring Wafers

Reclaiming is another term for restoring. The goal here is to reprocess it to look and function like it is brand new. The good thing about this is that the process of recycling wafers saves the company money without sacrificing the quality.


Both chip manufacturers and semiconductor supply maker recognize the significance of reclaimed wafers. They understand how it substantially cuts down their expenses to more than half!  Wafers that have a measurement of 100-mm and 300-mm bring the biggest savings because they can be reclaimed more than once.

Where are good inp reclaim wafers?

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