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August 9, 2019

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Prime grade wafers are still expensive even though they’re widely used and have now become more common than ever. Due to the high-cost, wafer manufacturing companies have come up with a process called reclaiming. The process allows the recycling of wafers without sacrificing its efficiency and quality. By utilizing InP reclaim wafers for your next project, you don’t only save money, but you also help the environment. Read on to know more about the reclaiming process:


Indium Phosphide or InP is a binary semiconductor which is widely used in high-power and high-frequency applications. Its outstanding electron velocity makes it suitable for such applications compared to other semiconductors, like GaAs and Silicon. The most common uses for InP wafers are amplifiers, fiber optic network parts, lasers, and more.

Reclaiming Process

The reclaiming process involves taking away unwanted materials and contaminants from the wafer using a combination of wet and dry processes, and then cleaning and polishing the wafer to bring back the InP surface to a usable grade. Depending on the thickness of the wafers, but reclaiming can be done up to three times.The process starts with an ocular inspection to make sure that there are no critical defects present, like scrapes and cracked corners. After this, the thickness of the wafers is measured to make sure that there is enough of the material to work with. Then, the wafers go through a chemical stripping process to wash away any contaminants from the wafer. The wafers will then go through a series of polishing, washing, chemical cleaning, rinsing, and drying. Each step must be done according to the set industry standard.

InP Reclaim Wafers

You can use InP reclaim wafers in so many ways. And because you can reclaim wafers up to three times, not only will you be able to substantially cut down on your expenses, but you can also help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that you produce.

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