InP Reclaim Wafers | Indium Phosphate (InP) Applications


July 2, 2019

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InP wafers are semiconductor substrates used in a lot of technologies. It’s more expensive than GaAs but can be reclaimed to produce a cheaper alternative but still of good quality. Wafers are typically expensive which is why companies have opted to go for InP reclaim wafers to reduce the manufacturing costs of some electronic products.

High-Speed Electronics

Because of the high-velocity electron component of InP reclaim wafers, the manufacturing of high-speed electronic devices is made possible. Its size also puts it in an advantage compared to other silicon wafer alternatives and could be used in technologies such as security scanning systems, wireless communications, biomedical applications, and sometimes, robotics.

Optical Sensing

InP wafers are also used in optical sensing technology. For instance, its wavelength regime is used to check the efficiency of laboratory equipment that produces real-time measurements, such as gas spectroscopy. Other than that, InP lasers and antenna can generate radiation that has the ability to transforms optical signals into a terahertz system. Other optical sensing applications of InP include verification of toxic substances, spectroscopy product control, and air pollution spectroscopy.


Lasers, sensitive photodetectors, and modulators can be manufactured using InP wafers with wavelengths that would meet the requirements for telecommunication use. InP also produces laser signals and has the ability to convert those signals back to its electronic configuration. Because of these attributes, it can be used in long haul fiber optical connections, wireless 3G, 4G, and LTE connections, and as free space satellite communication.

Photovoltaic Advancements

InP substrates have been used in the technology used in converting solar radiation into electricity. This makes it possible for photovoltaic cells to reach efficiencies up to 46%. Because of the high cost of InP, researches have been conducted to find a cheaper alternative. But up until today, InP still proves to be the best choice when it comes to producing the best conversion efficiencies.

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