INP Reclaim Wafers | INP Reclaim Wafers as Dummy or Monitor Wafers


March 6, 2019

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Wafers have become an essential part of our lives because we use them in our everyday technology. We use them to make integrated circuits for our gadgets, we also use them as a component for technologies in the medical field as well for the production of solar panels and many more. With its so many applications, the demand for wafers has skyrocketed over the past decade. The wafer industry needs to creatively to keep up with the demand without sacrificing cost and quality. This is where INP reclaim wafers come in the picture.

What is INP Wafers?

INP stands for Indium Phosphide. The INP wafer is a semiconductor that has a higher frequency, reduced power use, greater electron maneuverability, higher thermal energy, and a reduced noise performance compared to GaAs and Si wafers. It is most suitable for high-frequency and high-power electronics.

What is Reclaim?

Reclaiming is a process of recycling wafers to cut down costs but still have that premium quality wafer you need. The obvious difference with this is with its thickness.

INP Reclaim Wafers Uses

INP reclaim wafers can be used as a dummy wafer and monitor wafer.

  • Dummy Wafers
  • Important factors for a dummy wafer is its size and thickness. This is because it is commonly used for experimentation. The experimentation process includes improving safety from the beginning of production to the evaluation and delivery of procedure form. In this multi-staged process, the thickness, resistance, pattern size, defects, reflection index, and presence are measured using the dummy wafers.
  • Monitor Wafers
  • This type of reclaimed wafer is most useful during the process of making adjustments in the production process. They are considered to be an alternative for prime wafers during this process of monitoring and making the necessary changes to achieve desired results in the production.
where are good inp reclaim wafers?

Where to find High-quality INP Reclaim Wafers

INP Reclaim Wafers is a great way to cut down costs without sacrificing premium quality for your production needs. Your business only deserves the best-reclaimed wafer so make sure to get it from Wafer World. At Wafer World we are proud to be an industry leader, serving our clients with the best products and customer service. You won’t regret getting your wafers from us. Contact us to know more about our services or reach us online to order!

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