Benefits of Using Automatic Test Equipment as Failure Verification on Wafers


June 15, 2020

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Failure verification is the process of authenticating or nullifying the failure of a sample. The best possible way to validate a failure is to electrically assess the samples using automatic test equipment used during the production trial. A silicon wafer supplier needs to do this to guarantee that the wafers produced are working perfectly and are of good quality. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using automatic test equipment as failure verification on wafers.

What are the Benefits of Using Automatic Test Equipment as Failure Verification?

Automatic test equipment is any device that tests or evaluates a product or a machine. The advantages of using automatic test equipment to confirm a failure are

  • The verification corresponds with the production specifications making it more legitimate.
  • Automatic test equipment can accurately identify the precise failure of a wafer and provide a detailed datalog of the results for each criterion.

Automatic test equipment-generated datalog results are reliable and having this kind of information will make a big difference in the competence of the failure analysis process.Bench testing and current-voltage curve tracing are sometimes used to complement the ATE-testing for failure verification and characterization. Bench testing is the process of defining the failure mode of a sample using different bench equipment for stimulating the device or product and measuring its reaction. Since different test criteria require different test conditions, the bench test set-up needs to be revised every time a new test criterion needs to be characterized. Because of this, failure verification may involve several set-ups before fully understanding the nature of the device failure.Curve tracing is the process of evaluating the current-voltage characteristics of an electrical path using a curve tracer. It can find electrical failures that show abnormal voltage-current relationships between pins.A silicon wafer supplier knows that doing failure analysis is an important measure to take to guarantee that the wafers they produce are of the best quality.

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