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February 14, 2020

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Buy silicon wafer for your business or next project from a silicon wafer manufacturer you can trust to guarantee high-quality wafers. Silicon wafer is a semiconductor material used for the production of integrated circuits and other applications. It goes through several microfabrication processes, including edge grinding, to guarantee the quality of the wafers. In this article, we will discuss to you in detail the process of edge grinding.

What is Edge Grinding?

Edge grinding is the process of shaping wafers’ sharp edges to make them perfectly round. This step is necessary to get rid of the sharp, brittle edges, which compromises the durability and quality of the wafers. Having round edges also lessen the risk of slipping. Edge grinding also adjusts the diameter of the wafer, and its orientation flat or notch is dimensioned. This process is carried out using a profiled diamond wheel, and the edge profile pursues the shape provided by SEMI M1-0307. Usually, the SEMI standard profile is not suitable for MEMS application, especially if the wafers still need to be thinned after processing. The asymmetric edge profile is more ideal for this.

Why is Edge Grinding Done?

The wafer bonding process usually has a specific set of requirements for the wafer edge shape to ensure proper bond up to wafer edge, which is why a bunter profile is suitable for this. This standard also determines identification flats for wafers up to 150 mm diameter and notch for 200mm wafers and larger. Smaller wafers normally deviate from the standard of having only one flat, and the size of that flat is usually shorter than what's specified in the standard. This is necessary to save the wafer surface area for device applications. Edge grinding plays an important role in silicon wafer manufacturing. It helps ensure that the wafers are efficient, durable, and defect-free. Buy silicon wafer today from a trusted silicon wafer supplier.

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