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December 23, 2019

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Wire bonding is the process of creating electrical connections between a silicon chip and external leads of the semiconductor device. It utilizes skinny bonding wires made of gold, aluminum, or sometimes copper. If your next project has something to do with wire bonding and silicon wafers, then make sure only to buy silicon wafer from the best wafer manufacturers. In this article, we will discuss to you what you need to know about the wafer bonding process.

Wire Bonding Processes

There are two main wire bonding processes: Au or gold ball bonding and the Al or aluminum wedge bonding.

Gold Ball Wire Bonding

The process begins with melting a gold ball and forming it at the end of a wire through an electronic flame-off. It is held by a bonding tool known as a capillary. The ball at the end of the cable has a diameter varying from 1.5 to 2.5 times the wire’s diameter. The free-air ball is then brought into contact with a bond pad. The ball is then subjected to heat, pressure, and ultrasonic forces for a set time. This forms a primary metallurgical weld between the ball and the bond pad. It also forms the ball into its final shape.  The wire is then processed to form an arc or loop between the lead finger and the bond pad. The wire will then be subjected to ultrasonic forces and pressure to create a second bond, which can either be a fishtail, stitch, or wedge bond. After this, the wire needs to be cut through clamping and lifting the capillary to prepare for the next wire bonding. Buy a silicon wafer from a trusted wafer supplier.

Aluminum Wedge Wire Bonding

The process begins by bringing a clamped aluminum wire in contact with an aluminum bond pad. To form the first wedge bond between the bond pad and the wire, the wire will be subjected to ultrasonic energy for a specific amount of time while being held down by a particular amount of force. The wire will then be processed to the equivalent lead finger. To form the second bond, the wire will be subjected to ultrasonic energy, and then it will be broken off by clamping.

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