Do Electric Cars Need Semiconductors?


May 21, 2021

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Did you know that the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs) is driven by innovations in the silicon manufacturing industry? Thanks to the presence of semiconductors in each of these modern vehicles, EVs are now even more interactive, efficient, and environmentally safe. Needless to say, semiconductors play a critical role in keeping the EV revolution right on track.

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Why Do Electric Cars Need Semiconductors?

Now that more and more charging stations are popping up in various cities in the United States, the rise of EVs can be readily seen. Although the rising number of stations is a good thing, it doesn’t address the most common concern of EV manufacturers and owners – battery life.However, certain innovations made in the semiconductor industry present the possibility for longer EV battery life. Aside from improving the electric vehicle’s logistical appeal, the commercialization of this type of technology also gives semiconductor manufacturers a prime market opportunity.

How Do Semiconductors Work in an Electric Car?

Touch-screen interactivity features are of the reasons why semiconductors are needed. Moreover, semiconductors are extremely important for an EV’s batteries and power trains. They’re also the key components of the firmware that’s found in almost all modern vehicles.Since modern EVs need connectivity that allows the manufacturer to send software updates to the vehicle’s firmware, users can now manipulate the power train and the brake system without lifting a finger.It’s important to note that sophisticated electric cars require more semiconductors. For this reason, the amount of semiconductor parts that are present inside a modern EV is increasing at a rapid pace to activate standard automobile functions, including backup cameras and blind-spot detectors.

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