How Are Silicon Chips Used in Cars?


October 3, 2022

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Even though cars are a necessary component of daily life, the auto industry's state today isn't promising. The chip scarcity, often known as the semiconductor deficit, has forced automakers to scale back or even stop manufacturing. Silicon wafer suppliers are doing their best to keep up with the high demand for these products. Here's a look at why and what semiconductor chips do for us and why they're crucial for cars.  

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Silicon Chips in Cars  

Why Are These Chips Necessary?  

The process of creating semiconductor chips is intricate. Despite their diminutive size, they are packed with billions of transistors, which serve as the building blocks of the circuitry that enables computers to function. Most of these chips are made of silicon wafers, a unique material found in sand.  

Extensive facilities with dust-free rooms and expensive machinery are necessary for manufacturers. The entire chip manufacturing process lasts more than three months, making it challenging to produce in large quantities. This makes the process of creating and distributing chips to car manufacturers difficult.  

Common Uses in Cars  

Chips made of semiconductors are capable of amazing things. The touchscreen in a car is essentially a computer; therefore, chips are essential in that field. Silicon chips also operate other automotive components.    

For instance, chips are used for safety features in cars. These features include airbag deployment mechanisms, backup cameras, and autonomous emergency braking systems. Additionally, chips will be required for the connectivity aspects of a car and its interactive dashboard.  

Other Uses of Chips in Cars  

  • Modern automobiles contain engine chips to help them start up.  
  • Chips can increase engine efficiency and reduce emissions.  
  • Electric cars require a lot of chips to function properly.
  • Semiconductors in an EV also assist in controlling its battery and powertrain.
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