Double Side Polish Wafer | What is a Double Side Polish Wafer?


March 13, 2019

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The double side polish wafer is a type of wafer that is required in semiconductors, MEMS, and other uses wherein the specific flatness of the wafer is an important characteristic. They are also utilized in double side patterning and device manufacturing work.  The demand for wafers with improved performance and reduced size has increased because of the desire to reduce cost during manufacturing. So in order to decrease its size but still improve its performance, manufacturers have altered the flatness and contamination levels on the surface of the wafer and within the wafer bulk.

Method to Improve Flatness

Polishing both sides of the substrate wafer is a known method to improve flatness and improve the surface contamination levels at the same time. Polishing of both sides is called double-side polishing. Double Side Polish Wafer can be achieved by polishing one side at a time or simultaneously. The drawback of polishing both sides of the wafer is that it loses its extrinsic gettering abilities. Gettering is a process of taking away device-damaging contaminants on the active circuit areas of the wafer.  Although there are some benefits sacrificed, wafers that have been polished on both sides that have achieved a mirror finish decreases the chance of any roughness to almost none. This mirror polish prevents particle trapping. The ultimate goal of wafer manufacturer though is to produce a double side polish wafer that is able to maintain its extrinsic gettering capabilities.

Uses of Double Side Polish Wafer

Today’s trend requires wafers to have high-quality surfaces both on the front and the back. This type of wafer requirements is most on demand in creating microelectromechanical systems, wafer bonding, silicon on insulator fabrication, and products with tight flatness necessity.

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Where to Get a Double Side Polish Wafer

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