Double Side Polish Wafer | The Basics of Chemical Mechanical Polishing


October 24, 2019

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A double-side polish wafer is extremely flat, particle-free, and has a mirror-like surface. To achieve this, wafers need to go through the process of polishing, specifically chemical mechanical polishing. CMP involves the use of chemical and mechanical action to weaken the atomic bonding of the wafer surface and to aid in material removal. To help you understand more about this process, here's a brief summary of chemical mechanical polishing for double side polish wafers:

What is Wafer Polishing?

Wafer polishing or CMP is a process used to get rid of any unwanted particles and defects on the surfaces and subsurface of the wafers. Aside from this, it also helps produce stronger and thinner wafers with a smooth mirror-like surface. Backgrinding also helps in removing stresses on the wafers and helps prevent warping, while the post backgrind relief helps prepare silicon wafers for dicing for various electronic applications, especially the ones requiring flexible circuits. Post-backgrind wafer polishing takes away 5-10 microns of silicon from the back part of the wafer. This results in a significant amount of reduction in micro-sized peaks and micro-damaged valleys caused by the backgrinding process.

What is Chemical Mechanical Polishing?

CMP begins with the preparation of polishing pads and diamond liquid slurry. Then, the wafer will be held by a vacuum carrier so that the backside of the wafer is accessible for polishing. After that, the wafer will be carefully put into contact with a rotating platen, which is wrapped with a polishing pad. Then, using a slow downward force, layers of unwanted particles and damages are removed. This process helps produce a stronger double side polish wafer for customers.

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