Why Do Double Side Polish Wafers Have to Be Polished?


August 4, 2021

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While the standard wafer comes with only one polished side, the double side polish wafer is polished on both sides to achieve a specific flatness. The demand for double side polished wafers is steadily rising as the need for nanotechnology and MEMS devices increases.For such applications where the flatness of the wafer is of the essence, this type of wafer is the best choice. Its thin, mirror-like surface causes it to be effective in certain situations that demand the use of a minimal amount of space.

Double Side Polish Wafer

Top Reasons Why Wafers Have to Be Polished

Electronic Devices are Getting Smaller

The increasing demand for thinner and smaller electronic devices compels the semiconductor industry to produce wafers that are thinner than usual. To generate ultra-thin wafers, manufacturers decided to polish the wafers after these were processed through conventional methods of wafer grinding.

Subsurface Damage Has to Be Eliminated

Right after the wafers undergo conventional wafer grinding, the process leaves them with subsurface damage that has to be eliminated through polishing. If these wafers don’t get polished, they become weak, brittle, and susceptible to warping. Failing to add polishing to the equation will cause the decline of the wafers’ overall quality.

Wafer Quality Needs to Be Improved

Since wafer polishing allows manufacturers to eliminate unwanted particles and contaminants on the wafers’ surfaces, it won’t fail to boost wafer quality. As a result, the defect-free wafers become stronger and more flexible.

Certain Applications Require Multiple and Flexible Circuits

Did you know that semiconductor devices are comprised of electronic circuits with sub-micron level wiring and transistors on top of a semiconductor wafer? Since these layers cause the entire wafer’s surface to become uneven, the only way to flatten them out and prepare them for dicing is to polish them.

Double Side Polish Wafer

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