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November 12, 2019

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The demand for wafers with high surface quality on both the front and backside has continually increased as the demand for devices with tight flatness requirements has also increased. That is why wafer polishing plays a crucial role in wafer fabrication. It is through this process, that a double side polish wafer is produced. They’re commonly used in microelectromechanical systems, silicon on insulator, and wafer bonding. If you’re looking for double side polish wafer for your next project, here are the things you need to know about it and ultra-thin chip technology:

What are Silicon Wafers?

Silicon wafer has been used in the electronics industry for more than 40 years. Its size has evolved from 2 inches in diameter in the year 1970 to 300 mm in the year 2000. Because of this, the productivity of chip manufacturing has significantly increased. The reason behind the continual effort to grow wafer size is because of the need to guarantee wafer manufacturing without damage and to provide enough mechanical and thermal stability for the wafers during IC fabrication.

Changes in Wafer Manufacturing

Today, wafer manufacturers aim to produce thinner wafers with mirror-like surfaces on both its sides because manufacturers strongly believe that ultra-thin chip technology has the potential to provide solutions for overcoming obstacles in silicon technology. A double-side polish wafer can be used in microelectronics, microsystems, biomedical, and in other fields. Over the years, it is also found to be useful in flexible electronic applications.

What are Flexible Electronics?

Flexible electronics are changing the way we use and create electronics. It is paving the way for various futuristic applications, like mHealth, wearable systems, smart cities, and more. It is estimated that the market for flexible electronics will grow up to $ 300 billion by 2028. High-performance semiconductor electronics will be crucial to this growth as various current and future electronics would require speedy communication and computation.

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