Double Side Polish Wafer | How Wafer Manufacturers Produce Extremely Flat Wafers


September 24, 2019

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A double side polish wafer is commonly used in MEMS, semiconductors, and other applications that require specific controlled flatness. They’re also necessary for device manufacturing projects and double side patterning. The demand for double side polish wafers has also increased as the demand for smaller and thinner semiconductor devices increased. But how do silicon wafer manufacturers produce extremely flat wafers? Read on to know more about double side polishing.

How Wafers Are Made So Thin:

Various methods are used to improve the flatness of wafers, but today, we’re going to discuss specifically double side polishing. Double side polishing is one of the many methods used to flatten and improve the surface contamination levels of wafers. It involves simultaneously polishing both sides of the wafer, or by polishing each side at a time, which results in losing extrinsic gettering capabilities. Extrinsic gettering capability refers to the process of removing device-degrading impurities but uses external means to produce stress in the wafer in a way that protracted defects required for capturing impurities are produced.

What is Polishing?

Partial back polishing is also performed to help get rid of surface roughness and damage, but doing so compromises some of the advantages associated with double side polishing. Some wafer manufacturers prefer to polish their wafers on both sides, producing a double side polish wafer that has a polished mirror finish on both sides. The polished surface prevents particle trapping, which means that little to no extrinsic gettering is possible. Double side polishing results in excellent surface finish, improved surface quality, reduced stress on the material, reduced surface roughness, improved parallelism.

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