3 Common Elements Used in Wafer Manufacturing


March 11, 2020

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Wafer manufacturing is a process that involves several repeated subsequent procedures to produce complete electrical or photonic circuits on wafers. During manufacturing, several elements and materials are used to complete the entire process and produce wafers. Here are the 3 common essentials used in wafer manufacturing.

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What are the Common Elements Used in Wafer Manufacturing?


Silicon is the building block of integrated circuits. It’s obtained by heating silica with a reducing agent in a heating mechanism. Silicon is widely used as a semiconductor substrate and as a dielectric in integrated circuits in the form of silicon dioxide. Dielectric layers are utilized to segregate conductive lines and specific components in the circuit.Polysilicon is also utilized in the production of conductors or resistors in integrated circuits. Silicon can also be used as the main ingredient for semiconductor packaging and in die overcoats.


Aluminum is one of the most abundant metallic elements on the earth’s surface. It can be utilized in many ways during wafer manufacturing. Aluminum is used in integrated circuits as the main conductor between parts because of its reduced resisting power. It can also be used to bond and probe pads on the die.Aluminum can also be doped with copper or silicon to enhance its properties and stability. In the semiconductor assembly, aluminum is used as the main component for ceramic packages. It is also used for bonding ICs in ceramic packages.


Gold is a great conductor of electricity and heat. Gold is both malleable and ductile, which makes it practical in many aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, especially in the assembly and packaging process. Gold is widely used in manufacturing wires for the linking of integrated circuits to the leads of the bundle. It helps make the wires resilient to harm during the encapsulation process.

What is Wafer Manufacturing?

Interested in Learning More About Wafer Manufacturing?

Wafer manufacturing is a complex process that uses many raw materials and elements to guarantee premium quality wafers. At Wafer World, we offer high-quality wafers at a reasonable price! Contact us to learn more!

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