Double Side Polish Wafer | The Different DSP Wafer Specifications


February 21, 2020

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Each customer has a process and product-specific requirements for their double side polish wafer. Wafer manufacturers need to make sure that their DSP wafers have a consistent thickness, accurate orientation, and outstanding crystal quality and uniformity to produce a first-rate platform for double-sided lithography. Let’s talk about the different DSP wafer specifications.

Where can I get a double side polish wafer?

What are the Different DSP Wafer Specifications?

Diameter and Edge Length

You can measure wafer diameter in millimeters or the number of inches and the diameter tolerance. The cost of each wafer depends on the material used as well as the number of wafer pieces needed.


Wafer orientation stands for the crystallographic plane aligned to the wafer surface. The tilt angle defines the peak limit where the wafer surface and crystallographic plane align with each other.


A double-side polish wafer means that both sides of a wafer are lapped and etched. Surface polishing is carried out on both sides for DSP wafers. For SSP or single side polish wafers, only one side of the wafer is lapped, etched, and polished.

Doping and Resistivity

During crystal growth, adding dopant atoms increases electrical conductivity. This happens because of the rise in free electron or hole concentration by up to many levels of magnitude above the value of undoped silicon. A doping concentration lower than c= 1016 cm-3 indicates that the resistivity of a wafer also drops accordingly.

What is a double side polish wafer?

Looking for a Double Side Polish Wafer?

A double-side polish wafer is typically required for applications with specific controlled flatness characteristics. It's also widely used for double side patterning, device fabrication, semiconductors, and MEMS. If you’re looking for high-quality polished wafers, you can get them from Wafer World. We offer high-quality wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us to learn more!

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