Double Side Polish Wafer | The Importance of Polishing Wafers


July 5, 2019

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The demand for thinner and smaller electronic wafers has skyrocketed ever since the demand for thinner and handier electronic devices has also increased. This means that wafer manufacturers need to come up with ways to produce a flatter and smaller wafer while maintaining its quality. Although this can be achieved conventionally, the damage created on the surface of the wafer can affect its performance; despite being invisible to the naked eye. Good thing, polishing can get rid of these damages and produce a high-quality double side polish wafer. If you’re wondering why it’s so important, then read on:

Surface Damage

Surface damage is said to be created during the slicing process. The scratches and micro-defects present on the wafers cause various problems related to performance and wafer strength. Thus, we can conclude that wafers which have defects (even if they’re invisible to the naked eye) are not as competitive compared to a double side polish wafer. Double side polish wafers are wafers which have been polished to get rid of surface defects. The technical name for the polishing technique is chemical planarization. This technique gets rid of the peaks and valleys present in the wafer.

Polishing Wafers

To polish wafers, you will need a liquid slurry which is composed of polishing pads and diamonds and a vacuum device to hold the wafer in place. The process starts with the wafer being slowly placed near the polishing pad through the vacuum device so that the wafer is kept in place. This must be done as quickly as possible to avoid exposing the wafers to contaminants and other damages.

what is a double side polish wafer?

Where to Find High-Quality Double Side Polish Wafer?

Polishing is an integral process to produce high-quality efficient and effective wafers. If you’re looking for a double side polish wafer for your project, then you can get them at Wafer World. Not only do we offer a wide range of high-quality wafers, but we also sell them at the best price possible. Contact us for more inquiries or purchase wafers online.

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