Facts About Double Side Polish Wafers


January 30, 2021

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Did you know that MEMS, semiconductors require a certain type of wafer that features a specific flatness? A double side polish wafer meets this requirement. Due to their distinct characteristic, this wafer is used to device manufacturing work and in projects that require double side patterning.

What is a Double Side Polish Wafer?

Interesting Facts About Double Side Polish Wafers

They’re Polished to Eliminate Defective Layers

Ingots that are sliced, ground, polished, and cleaned to produce high-quality wafers. However, the process that ensures the removal of the ingot’s defective layers that are usually found after the grinding process is called polishing.Without the polishing process, these layers can have a negative impact on the wafer’s quality and performance. Although these signs of damage can only be a few microns deep, they can still cause a lot of problems when you use them.

The Polishing Method Involves Both Sides of the Substrate Wafer

While the polishing process effectively removes the imperfections on the surfaces of the substrate wafer, its flatness is improved by polishing both of its sides. As double side polish wafers are being polished on both sides, the process involves polishing both sides simultaneously or one side at a time.

They Have a Mirror Finish

Since both sides of the substrate wafer are polished, some of its benefits can be sacrificed. For instance, the polishing process may potentially cause the wafer to lose its extraneous gettering abilities which allow it to get rid of contaminants on the wafer’s active circuit areas.Despite this, double side polish wafers feature a mirror finish that minimizes any trace of roughness to almost none at all. Achieving this mirror finish causes these wafers to prevent particle trapping.

They Can Be Used in Different Ways

Double side polish wafers are extremely useful because of the high-quality surfaces that are featured on their front and back parts. The demand for this type of wafer is high when it comes to wafer bonding, microelectromechanical systems, silicon on insulator fabrication, and other products that require tight flatness.

What is a Double Side Polish Wafer?

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