Double Side Polish Wafer | How Are Double Side Polish Wafers Used?


February 18, 2019

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A wafer is a semiconductor material which is finely cut. It can be made of a silicon crystal which is used as a base in the manufacturing of microdevices and integrated circuits. This wafer goes through a series of microfabrication steps such as doping, deposition, removal, patterning, modification of electrical properties, etching, and implantation. A double side polished wafer, on the other hand, is a wafer but manufactured for a specific purpose. Wafers are rampantly used in many forms of modern technology nowadays: solar cells, circuit boards, microchips, and chips.

A Wafer Has Five Parts

  1. Flat zone
  2. Chip
  3. Edge Die
  4. Scribe lines
  5. Test Element Group

Uses of Double Side Polish Wafer

A wafer’s diameter or thickness is important because there are applications that have specific requirements. A double side polished wafer is compulsory in semiconductors, MEMS, and other application that is strict towards the thinness of the wafer. They are also significant for double side patterning and device fabrication projects. Today’s trend of a slimmer, compact and smaller technology forces semiconductors to shrink its size. But is not an excuse to sacrifice the high surface quality of the wafer. As of now, it is rampantly used in microelectromechanical systems, wafer bonding, silicon on insulator (SOI) manufacturing, and applications with strict thinness standards.

Where is a good double side polish wafer?

Looking for More Information About a Double Side Polish Wafer?

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