Double Side Polish Wafer | What is a Wafer?


January 2, 2019

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When it comes to a double side polish wafer, understanding what they are and what goes into making them can be confusing.

Breaking Down Its Parts

A wafer is a very thin, typically glossy piece of silicon that is cut to certain specifications. Almost every piece of modern technology uses wafers in some way. Silicon is used because it is one of the most readily available elements on the market. Wafers are made up of 5 parts, known as:

  • Chip
  • Scribe Lines
  • Test Element Group (TEG)
  • Edge Die
  • Flat Zone

The chip is a very small piece of thin silicon that has an electronic circuit pattern on it. You can find some form of a chip in everything from smartphones to cars and more. The scribe lines do not play a role in the functioning aspects of the wafer but an important role in the cutting or fitting of the wafer into places. The scribe lines are where you can cut the wafer without damaging the circuits. The TEG is a pattern that shows the physical characteristics of the chip so it can be tested to see if it will world properly. The edge die is the dies that are located around the edges of the wafer itself. Lastly, the flat zone is the edge of the wafer that is cut flat. This is done to show the wafer’s type and orientation.

What is a double side polish wafer?

Looking for More Information About a Double Side Polish Wafer?

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