Float Zone Wafer | Characteristics of a Desirable Float Zone Wafer


February 18, 2019

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What are float zone wafers? They are thinly sliced silicon that have gone through the float zone method to achieve the specific and desired results. The float zone method is used because of its ability to produce silicon that is high-purity with a limited contaminant. The fundamental characteristic of this growth method is that the molten part of the sample is backed by the sturdy part. This lowers the chance of any impurities and the need for a crucible. If you are interested in using float zone wafers for your next project, then you should know about the following:

Superior in High-Temperature Application

The wafer is less likely to get damaged at high temperatures because of its low oxygen and carbon content.

Little to No Impurities

The chance of having any contamination in your float zone wafer is greatly reduced compared to CZ (Czochralski Silicon).

Contains a Light Impurity Called Nitrogen

During the growth stage, nitrogen is being intentionally added because of its ability to aid in the control of micro defects. It also helps in improving the mechanical strength of the wafers.

Float Zone Wafers have a High Growth Rate

The rate at which float zone wafers grow is around 2-3 times more compared to Czochralski growth rates. It is extremely beneficial because it helps in minimizing defects.

Large Bulk Target Resistivity Range

This is also known as one of the dopant controls. A key characteristic of a float zone wafer is its ability to control the resistivity of the entire crystal. This is crucial in the creation of electronic devices.

Where are good float zone wafer?

Looking for More Information About a Float Zone Wafer?

A Float Zone Wafer is extremely advantageous for you to use in your next project. It has superior characteristics compared to its counterparts and you will have no issue utilizing them. At Wafer World, we make sure to stay on top of the industry by providing you with quality wafers. Call us today to know more about the products and services we offer or order online!

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