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May 13, 2019

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The CZ process is the most common method used for commercial substrates. But when used for high-performance lab or niche market solar cells, CZ wafers tend to fall short at giving the desired results. Good thing a float zone wafer can do the job. If you want to know why float zone wafers are a better choice for producing highly efficient solar cells, here’s why:

CZ Wafers

CZ wafers accommodate an extensive amount of oxygen in the silicon wafer. This means that the oxygen present in the wafers decrease the minority carrier lifetime in the solar cell, hence decreasing the performance, voltage, and current. Oxygen also makes the wafers sensitive to high temperatures which could affect the results once processed through extreme heat.

FZ Wafers

A float zone wafer is produced using the FZ method. It begins with a molten region carefully moved towards a bar of silicon. The impurities present in the molten region is not carried into the solidified region which allows the birth of pure single crystal. But growing massive diameter ingots is rather difficult and more expensive. That is why float zone wafers are only employed for laboratory cells and solar cells instead of commercial production.

Float Zone Wafer for Solar Cell Production

When solar cells are produced using float zone wafers the efficiencies are able to reach 25%, compared to the solar cells that are produced using the CZ method which only produces 13-16.5% efficiency. The difference in the value of efficiencies is significant.

where can I buy a float zone wafer?

Looking for a Float Zone Wafer?

A solar cell manufactured with a float zone wafer is proven and tested to be more efficient compared to solar cells made with CZ wafers. So, if you’re looking for high-quality float zone wafers make sure you get it from Wafer World. Our 20 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to master the process of producing excellent wafers for all your needs. Call us today for any inquiry or purchase wafers online!

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