5 Advantages of Using Thin Silicon Wafers & Solar Cells


May 8, 2020

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Thin silicon wafers are widely used for the production of thin film solar cells. Thin film solar cells offer many benefits that offset the disadvantages of conventional solar cells. Not only are they easy to manufacture, but they’re also more economical to mass-produce. That’s why more and more companies and manufacturers prefer to use thin film silicon solar cells. Here we’ll go over the 5 advantages of using thin film solar cells.

What are thin silicon wafers solar cells?

What are the Advantages of Using Thin Film Solar Cells?

Uses a Fraction of the Pure Silicon Needed for Manufacturing

Conventional solar cells use up a lot of pure silicon. But thin film solar cells only require a fraction of it (1%). This means that solar cell manufacturers can produce more thin film solar cells and maximize the output of their production.

Easy to Manufacture

Thin film solar cells are easy to manufacture because it uses abundant and non-toxic raw materials, compared to conventional solar cells. Plus, it can be used in many applications because of its thin-film technology.These cells are produced by adding a thin layer of semiconductor material on a substrate using a method called the chemical vapor deposition. The materials used for a deposition must be strong yet light absorbers to allow high-volume manufacturing.

Environmentally Friendly

The fabrication process of properly designed thin film silicon solar cells are nonpolluting, which means it’s environmentally friendly.

Low Energy Payback Time

Producing thin film solar cells only requires very low energy consumption, which allows the energy used to be replenished in less than a year. While wafer-based silicon technologies take up twice the time required to replenish thin film solar technologies.

Temperature Dependence is Low

Compared to wafer-based silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells made from thin silicon wafers have very low-temperature dependence when it comes to PV performance. The temperature range used during fabrication for thin film solar cells is also lower compared to other solar technologies, which makes it advantageous for the deposition of thin solar cells on thin polymer substrates.

Where to get thin silicon wafers manufacturing?

Interested in Thin Silicon Wafers?

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