Silicon Wafer Processing | The Basics of Silicon Crystal Growth and Wafer Slicing Processes


January 31, 2020

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Silicon wafer processing involves a series of steps, from silicon crystal growth to wafer packaging and delivery. Each step is meticulous and detailed to minimize wafer defects and to ensure that only high-quality wafers reach customers. In this article, we will discuss the processes involved in silicon crystal growth and wafer slicing.

what is silicon wafer processing?

What are the Processes Involved in Silicon Crystal Growth and Wafer Slicing?

Silicon Crystal Growth and Wafer Slicing

The first step to silicon wafer processing is silicon crystal growth. The process begins with silica sand melted in a crucible. Then, a seed crystal is carefully immersed into a crucible of molten silicon, then slowly taken out.

Getting the Sand

The silica sand used to grow wafers need to be highly pure, clean, and a good grade of silicon. The sand utilized in silicon wafer processing mostly comes from the beaches of Australia.

Prepping the Molten Silicon Bath

To prepare the molten silicon bath, silica sand is put into a crucible and is heated to a certain temperature above the melting point. The molten sand will be the source of the silicon wafer.

Making the Ingot

To create an ingot, a pure silicon seed crystal is submerged into the molten silicon bath. Then, the pure silicon seed crystal will be pulled out slowly as it is being rotated. This can be done through 2 different methods: the CZ method and the FZ method. This step is necessary to provide a clean surface suitable for further processing. The result is a pure silicon ingot in the shape of a cylinder. The ingot will then be sliced to create wafers.

Wafer Slicing

Once the ingot has been ground and shaped into the desired diameter for the wafers, the ingot can then be sliced into very thin wafers using a diamond saw.

who is best at silicon wafer processing?

Silicon Wafer Processing

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