The Different Methods used to Grow Wafers


October 21, 2020

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Have you ever wondered how to grow a wafer? A Si wafer plays a vital role in the production of electronic devices. Therefore, it is the main component used to build integrated circuits, semiconductors, MEMS, and more. These components are the heart and brain of the devices we use every day to make our lives easier.Before silicon crystal becomes a wafer, it is first processed and grown.  There are various ways to grow different semiconductor materials. In this article, we will discuss the different methods used in growing wafers.

What is a Si Wafer?

What are the Different Methods used to Grow Wafers?

Horizontal or Vertical Bridgeman Method

The Bridgman-Stockbarger method uses two techniques for growing single crystal ingots and for solidifying polycrystalline ingots. The methods are very much alike but also distinct. Each technique involves the following steps:

  • Heating polycrystalline material above its melting point.
  • Slowly cooling the polycrystalline material in the area where the seed crystal is occupying.
  • Rotating the container to stir the melt.

It allows the single crystal of the same crystallographic orientation as the seed material to grow on the seed. It also enables the single crystal to develop along with the space of the container progressively.

Horizontal Gradient Freeze Method

The horizontal gradient freeze method is a technique that uses a quasi-double parabolic temperature profile. Additionally, it is used for growing Si-doped GaAs crystals. Therefore, the growth process begins by slowly changing the temperature gradient in a multi-zone furnace while letting the crystal remain stationary.Doing this will allow the crystal to grow with less mechanical vibration.

Czochralski Pulling Method

The CZ method is a crystal growth technique used for the production of commercial silicon wafers. It involves melting a small seed crystal in a container. Then, you should pull the seed upwards to get a single crystal. Therefore, the wafers grown through the CZ method have better resistance to thermal stress.

Float Zone Method

The float zone method can produce a Si wafer that is highly pure. Furthermore, it means that the wafer doesn't have any defects, which boosts its efficiency, quality, and performance. The process happens under a vacuum. It starts with a highly pure polycrystalline rod and a monocrystalline seed crystal held against each other in a vertical position. They are then rotated.

What is a Si Wafer?

Looking for a Si Wafer?

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