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September 3, 2019

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An InP wafer is widely used in high power and high frequency applications because of its superior electrical and thermal properties compared to GaAs wafers and silicon wafers. An InP wafer also has lower power consumption, higher electron mobility, and produces much less noise compared to other semiconductors. If you’re looking for a wafer to work with for your next project, then an InP wafer might just be the wafer you need. Here are the main application fields for InP wafers:

Optoelectronic Applications

Lasers and LEDs based from an InP wafer are capable of emitting light in a very extensive range of 1200 nm to 12 µm. Which is why it is utilized in all areas of fibre based Telecom and datacom applications and in sensor applications. InP lasers are also tested to be eye safe because of how the radiation is absorbed in the vitreous part of the human eye, which avoids damage in the retina. Optoelectronic tetrahertz is also utilized in ultra-keen spectroscopic analyzers, detection of multilayer coatings, and in the measurement of polymer thickness in automotive applications. Also, InP lasers found in LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a key element for the future of the automation industry.

High-Speed Electronics

The semiconductor technology today has allowed the creation and detection of very high frequencies of 100 GHz and higher, which are widely used in wireless high-speed data communication, radars, and radiometric sensing. It is also utilized in high-speed microelectronics, which are used in the fastest devices available today. Other high-speed electronics that uses InP wafers are the following:

  1. Security Scanning Systems in airport security and civil security applications
  2. Biomedical applications, like millimeter-wave and THz spectrometers that are used for non-invasive diagnostics for cancer tissue detection and diabetes detection.
  3. Wireless communications applications that reaches a high-speed of 5G at frequencies above 100GHz.
  4. Industrial applications that use scanning systems for quality control.
  5. Radiometric sensing for the identification of the components of pollution in the atmosphere in a microwave scale.

Photovoltaic Applications

Studies show that photovoltaic cells with topmost capabilities of 46% implement InP substrates to achieve an excellent bandgap combination to effectively change solar radiation into electrical energy.

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