Si Wafer| 3 Methods for Slicing or Dicing Silicon Wafers


November 26, 2019

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From chips to microchips to integrated circuits, an Si wafer is used around the world for numerous applications. Si wafers opened the door for endless possibilities throughout technology. Conversion of highly-pure silicon crystal to polished wafers, demands processing and chemical processing. In this article, we will discuss the slicing and dicing wafer process.

Precision Sawing

Precision sawing is a method used for cut-off operations such as slicing the silicon rods into wafers using a disk. This method utilizes electrophoretic deposition of fine abrasives onto a conductive diamond saw blade in an electric field. Using this method to slice an Si wafer will result in optically smooth surfaces and chip-free dicing.

ID Cut-off Grinding

ID cut-off grinding is a technology used for cutting silicon rods into thin wafers with a thickness of less than 1mm. This technology utilizes a unique tool made of high strength chromium nickel steel. The diameter within the blade is electroplated with an abrasive layer. The only drawback of using this method is that it can cause median cracks and chipping, which means that further polishing is necessary.

Grinding or Slicing

Grinding or slicing is the advanced development of ID cut-off grinding. This method was developed to achieve high-quality wafers. During ID cut-off grinding, the axial shift of the blade warps the wafer. This deformity will be visible on the front end of the silicon rod. Using the grinding or slicing technique, immediately before the next cutting-off start, the front of the silicon rod is ground plane first to prevent any deformity.

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