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October 4, 2019

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An FZ wafer is known for its high purity, low impurity concentration, and high-temperature efficiency, which is why it’s considered to be the better alternative to CZ wafers. Its superior properties give it advantages over CZ wafers in various applications. If you’re looking for the perfect type of wafer for your next project, then an FZ wafer might just be the wafer you’re looking for. To know more about it, here are the facts about FZ wafers:

It’s Highly Pure

An FZ wafer is highly pure silicon acquired through vertical zone melting. It is considered to be a high-purity alternative to wafers grown through the CZ method. The vertical zone melting process was refined by Henry Theurer in 1955, based on a method developed by Willam Gardner Pfann. It’s also performed in a confined vessel to prevent contamination of silicon.

Carbon and Oxygen Impurity Concentrations are Low

The presence of light impurities, like carbon and oxygen, is remarkably low. But a light impurity, like nitrogen, helps improve the mechanical strength of the wafers and controls the micro defects, which is why it's being deliberately added during growth stages.

The size of FZ Wafers is Not Greater Than 150mm

The size of the FZ wafer is not more than 150mm because of the surface tension restraints during development.

It is Commonly Used in Detector Applications and Power Devices

Float zone wafers or FZ wafers are commonly used for detector applications and power devices. It is remarkably transparent to terahertz radiation, which makes it a suitable type of wafer for manufacturing optical parts for terahertz utilization, like windows and lenses. It's also used in MEMS, IGBT, diodes, RF devices, rectifiers, optical products, and high-efficiency solar cells.

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