GaAs Reclaim Wafers | 3 Methods to Produce Gallium Arsenide Wafers


March 8, 2019

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GaAs wafer is a semiconductor and is considered to be one of the most important compound semiconductors in the world. This semiconductor has a zinc blende crystal structure that has superior properties like high conversion efficiency, high electron mobility, direct band gap and it has less noise. It is widely used all over the world in things like wireless applications, optoelectronics, and solar cells. Due to the high demand for GaAs wafers, the wafer industry has come up with a solution to meet those demands while being cost-effective, thus the GaAs reclaim wafers.

VGF Technique

This growth technique is one of the most common processes for creating GaAs wafers. Vertical Gradient Freeze Technique produces crystals at a reduced dislocation density. This technique grows crystals to a particular size and then finely slicing it to very accurate tolerances, rounding the edges, cleaning, polishing and then packaging the wafers.  

Bridgman-Stockbarger Method

This method is a reliable way to create single crystal ingots but does not assure uniform properties throughout the crystal produced. This process uses a polycrystalline material heated beyond its melting point and then slowly cooling it. It is done in a rotating crucible or ampoule that can be in a horizontal or vertical position.  

LEC Growth Technique

Liquid Encapsulated growth by the Czochralski Technique is a method that uses a growth container together with a small sphere of boron trioxide and the compound element Ga and As. The container is then placed inside a high-pressure crystal puller and is heated at 460 degrees Celsius. This method produces pure single crystals that have semi-insulating properties. As you can see, creating a GaAs wafer is a complex and meticulous process. It also involves a lot of money to produce one. Good thing the wafer industry has come up with a solution to produce more GaAs wafers at a cheaper cost through recycling!

what is a GaAs reclaim wafer?

Where to find GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

GaAs Reclaim Wafers are recycled wafers that are polished and cleaned to basically make them brand new! This is a great way to cut on costs without sacrificing the premium quality that you need in a wafer. Make sure to get the best quality reclaimed wafers at Wafer World! Call us today for any of your wafer needs!

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