GaAs Reclaim Wafers | Should I Use Reclaimed GaAs Wafers for My Next Project?


February 18, 2019

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GaAs stands for Gallium Arsenide and it is a great semiconductor compound. It is utilized in integrated circuits, field-effect transistors in some diodes, and more. GaAs components are advantageous when used in fast electronic switching applications and ultra-high radio frequencies. Gallium arsenide is one of the crucial components used to manufacture LEDs that are found in control systems and optical communications. But are GaAs reclaim wafers an option for your next project? The answer is definitely yes!

Benefits of Using GaAs Reclaim Wafers

The reason we reclaim GaAs wafers is that it helps with reducing the costs without sacrificing its exceptional quality. Cheaper substitutes are by far no match for it. Aside from cutting costs, it also helps save mother earth because of the number of times it can be reprocessed.

What You Need to Know About GaAs Wafers

Some particular applications for reclaim wafer cover particle monitors, equipment set-up, equipment demonstrations, etch rate sampling and furnace fillers just to name a few. It is obvious that the quality of the reclaimed wafer is very important. In order to have a successful reclaim process, we must make sure that the quality of the different systems and tools used is also exceptional.

Where are good gaas reclaim wafers?

Looking for Information About GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

We at Wafer World are a verified vendor by the US Federal Contractor Registration and know the process of reclaiming wafers. We make sure that we only offer you the best quality of GaAs reclaim wafers. Contact us now to know more about it or order online!

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