GaAs Reclaim Wafers | Common Wafer Particle Removal Techniques


November 12, 2019

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Wafer cleaning is a crucial part of reclaiming wafers. It keeps recycled wafers free from particles, contaminants, and defects that have been accumulated from the previous use. Getting rid of these impurities and particles will help make sure that the GaAs reclaimed wafers can provide the same performance and efficiency as virgin wafers. In this article, we will discuss the wafer particle removal techniques during wafer cleaning.

What is Wafer Cleaning?

Wafer cleaning helps get rid of contaminants, impurities, and particles in a used wafer so it can be reused again. Failing to remove these particles and other impurities can cause defects in the final semiconductor products and devices. Even the tiniest particles and impurities can hamper etching and affect the diffusion process, resulting in a defective semiconductor circuit or poor-quality GaAs reclaim wafers. There are different ways on how to clean wafers. Every technique is designed to leave the wafer’s surface intact while effectively getting rid of contaminating particles. The different methods of wafer particle removal during wafer cleaning are the following:

RCA Clean Process

This process has two steps: SC1 and SC2. SC1 involves removing organic particles, while SC2 involves removing metallic residues and particles. Each step utilizes different cleaning chemicals to remove residues and particles.

Piranha Cleaning Process

This technique gets rid of large amounts of organic residues, like photoresist, using a corrosive mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid.

The Ozone Cleaning Process

The ozone cleaning process utilizes ozone to change organic particles and contaminants to carbon dioxide.

Megasonic Cleaning

This technique utilizes microscopic cavitation bubbles produced through a megasonic cleaning system to get rid of particles and other contaminants.

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