Why are GaAs Reclaim Wafers So Popular Today?


February 18, 2021

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Did you know that GaAs reclaim wafers play a crucial role in various applications such as equipment testing, radar systems, solar cells, detectors, space applications, and Gunn diodes? As a semiconductor material, it offers higher outstanding heat and moisture resistance, excellent flexibility and size, and superior efficiency? Reclaim wafers are those that have been thoroughly processed, stripped, polished, and cleaned to make them as effective as a brand-new wafer minus the cost.

What are GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

Top Reasons Why Gallium Arsenide Reclaim Wafers is the Right Choice for You

Saturated Electron Velocity and Higher Electron Mobility

Thanks to its superior electronic properties, gallium arsenide transistors can function efficiently even at extremely high frequencies that exceed around 250 GHz. Compared to silicon transistors, they have a more saturated electron velocity and higher electron mobility.

High Resistance to Radiation Damage

One of the best things about gallium arsenide reclaim wafers is that they’re highly resistant to radiation damage. In other words, using this semiconductor material for optical windows in outer space electronics and high-power devices is a wise decision.

High Carrier Mobilities and Low Resistive Device Parasitic

Have you ever wondered why gallium arsenide reclaim wafers make a first-rate semiconductor material for microwave point-to-point links, mobile phones, and satellite communications? Unlike silicon reclaim wafers, they demonstrate high carrier mobilities and low resistive device parasitic. These qualities make them the best option for high-frequency radar systems.

Broad Energy Bandgap

You can expect gallium arsenide reclaim wafers to have a broad energy bandgap that’ much like virgin wafers. For this reason, they tend to demonstrate high heat and moisture resistivity. In other words, they’re not prone to overheating, unlike other semiconductor materials.Furthermore, its broad energy bandgap causes the gallium arsenide reclaim wafer to be more suitable for high-power applications. Choosing to use them for your next project means not worrying about experiencing any disturbance in your electronic circuits’ electrical signals.

Are You Looking for High-Quality GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

Now that you know about gallium arsenide wafers' superior characteristics, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re looking to find the best ones for your next project. At Wafer World, you can expect to get high-quality gallium arsenide wafers at a reasonable price. Contact us today for inquiries.

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