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September 13, 2019

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GaAs is a combination of the elements Gallium and Arsenic, creating a compound. A GaAs wafer is an III-V direct bandgap semiconductor. It is widely used in the fabrication of electronic devices, like laser diodes, solar cells, optical windows, microwave frequency integrated circuits, and infrared light-emitting diodes. Aside from the applications mentioned above, here are the other common GaAs applications:

Solar Detectors and Cells

For high-cost, high-efficiency solar cells, GaAs is the preferred type of semiconductor material to be used. GaAs is also utilized for single-crystalline thin-film solar cells and multi-junction solar cells. This is because of GaAs’ high efficiency, which is the result of its immense high-quality GaAs epitaxial growth, promotion of photon recycling, and surface passivation.  In 1965, during the Venera 3 mission, GaAs solar cells were used in space. It was the first known operational use of GaAs solar cells. They were chosen because of their ability to perform efficiently in high-temperature environments. Because of this, GaAs cells were also used for the Lunokhod rovers. Since then, GaAs cells went through various development. Today, GaAs-based devices are known to hold the world record for the highest-efficiency single-junction solar cell at 28.8%. GaAs devices are sensitive to infrared radiation, which makes them suitable for the detection of x-rays.

Light Emission Devices

GaAs wafer is an III-V direct bandgap semiconductor. The direct bandgap of GaAs and its structure enables it to efficiently emit infrared light. It has been used since 1962, producing near-infrared laser diodes.

Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement

A gallium arsenide crystal is placed on the tip of an optical fiber temperature sensor because of GaAs’ ability to withstand corrosive environments, perform efficiently at high temperatures, and become optically translucent at a light wavelength of 850 nm

Spin- Charge Converters

The spintronics effect was found in the GaAs single crystals. GaAs can be utilized instead of platinum in spin-charge converters.

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