GaAs Reclaim | What Is the Reclaiming Process?


February 27, 2017

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As technology continues to advance, Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafer usage continues to rise. GaAs wafers are extremely appealing to technological applications for numerous reasons. However, one of the biggest factors for GaAs wafer usage is that GaAs move electrons faster than silicon while consuming less power. Despite it’s benefits, or perhaps because of them, GaAs wafers can be rather costly. Luckily, there is GaAs reclaim. Wafer reclaim takes a GaAs wafer and reprocesses for a different use. Wafer reclaim cuts costs and saves money while maintaining the same quality as a normal test grade wafer. Keep reading to learn about the GaAs reclaim process that makes this all possible.

what is the gaas reclaim process

The GaAs Reclaim Process

The GaAs reclaim process is a series of steps that takes an already used test or prime GaAs wafer and completely strips and repolishes it to remove any of its old patterns, film, or surface defects for additional use. The specific steps for wafer reclaim are as followed: sorting wafers for different coating layers, acid stripping, photo resist stripping, au etch, wafer cleaning using a specific mixture, sorting and regrouping by thickness, rough polishing of the front-side of the wafer, final polishing of the front-side of the wafer, cleaning polish off off the front-side of the wafer, and a final inspection and polishing. The reclaiming process for GaAs wafers may seem simple, but it is extremely complicated and should only be done by a professional wafer company.

what is gaas reclaim?

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