GaAs Wafer| 3 Common III-V Compound Semiconductors You Can Use Instead of Silicon


March 27, 2019

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III-V Semiconductors are alloys that contain elements from group III and V in the periodic table.  GaAs Wafer, GaP, GaN, AlGaAs, and InP are commonly used in the microelectronic and optoelectronic field because of their superior electronic and optical characteristics. Devices like photodetectors, lasers, modulators, switches, and waveguides can also be manufactured with III-V semiconductors. If your business is related to optoelectronic and microelectronic, here are the 3 common III-V compound semiconductors you can use instead of Silicon:

  1. GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) – GaAs is considered to be the second most common semiconductor next to silicon. It is utilized in field-effect transistors, light emitting diodes, and Integrated circuits. GaAs is most useful in ultra-high radio frequency applications, weak signal amplification, and in fast electronic switching applications. GaAs Wafer can also take over silicon wafers in the production of linear ICs and digital ICs.
  2. GaN (Gallium Nitride) – This type of semiconductor create devices that have enhanced power output density and upgraded thermal conductivity. Optoelectronic nitride-based ternary alloy devices can perform effectively at a higher temperature in the mid-ultraviolet all the way to infrared. Short wavelength LEDs and LDs have led to the evolution of nitride-based blue LEDs and ultraviolet LDs that have various applications.
  3. GaP (Gallium Phosphide) - Gallium Phosphide has been used ever since the 1960s to fabricate low-cost red, green, and orange LEDs with low to medium brightness. The lifespan of these LEDs is dependent on the current and temperature. Unmixed GaP LEDs diffuse green light at a 555nm wavelength. Nitrogen-doped GaP diffuses a yellow-green light, and zinc oxide-doped GaP diffuse red light.
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