GaAs Wafer | Advantages of GaAs Solar Cells


October 21, 2019

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A GaAs wafer is commonly utilized as a substrate material for the epi growth of III-V semiconductors, like aluminum gallium arsenide and indium gallium arsenide. It is used in the fabrication of various electronic devices such as laser diodes, solar cells, infrared light-emitting diodes, microwave frequency integrated circuits, solar cells and more. In this article, we will discuss more the advantages of using GaAs wafer in solar cell applications. Here are the advantages of GaAs solar cells:

GaAs Solar Cells Allow Maximum Conversion

GaAs solar cells have a 31.6% conversion rate and this is considered to be the world’s number one conversion rate according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It is also expected that by the year 2020, the conversion rate of GaAs solar cells will reach up to 38%. The use of gallium arsenide in solar cells allow higher theoretical efficiency, compared to crystalline silicon.

Flexible and Light Weight

Gallium arsenide thin-film solar cells are flexible, malleable, and lightweight. These characteristics make it suitable for applications such as automotive design and manufacturing. Plus, since it’s highly malleable, the amount of power generated by GaAs solar cells are extremely high- enough to power an automobile.

High-Temperature Resistance

The performance of GaAs batteries under high heat is way better compared to the performance of silicon photocells. Experimental data proves that GaAs batteries can normally work even at 250 °C.

Sensitive to Light

Thin-film GaAs solar cells can generate electricity even in low light. This is because it’s extremely sensitive to light.

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