GaAs Wafer | Advantages of Using GaAs Wafers over Silicon Wafers


August 30, 2019

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A GaAs wafer can be used in a wide variety of applications, like radar systems, Gunn diodes, space applications, solar cells, and detectors. It is suitable for applications such as these because of its high thermal stability, low noise, high electron mobility, and more. If you’re wondering why other manufacturers prefer GaAs wafers over Silicon wafers for certain applications, then here are the advantages of using GaAs wafers over Silicon wafers:

Higher Saturated Electron Velocity and Higher Electron Mobility

A GaAs wafer has a higher saturated electron velocity and higher electron mobility compared to a silicon wafer. This allows GaAs transistors to perform at frequencies higher than 250 GHz.

High Thermal Stability

GaAs devices are capable of performing efficiently even at high temperatures because of their wider energy bandgap. GaAs devices also have higher carrier mobilities and a lower resistive device parasitic which prevents them from creating disturbances in electrical signals found in electronic circuits, especially at high frequencies. This makes GaAs circuitry suitable for satellite communications, mobile phones, Gunn diodes to create microwaves and higher frequency radar systems.

Direct Band Gap

Having a direct bandgap means that it’s capable of absorbing and emitting light efficiently. This means that GaAs wafers are efficient for applications, like laser diodes and infrared light-emitting diodes. On the other hand, silicon has an indirect bandgap, which means that it is not effective at emitting light efficiently.

Highly Resistive

GaAs is highly resistive against radiation damage because of its wide direct bandgap. This makes it an excellent material for space electronics and optical windows for high power applications.

Makes Very Good Substrate for Integrated Circuits

When you combine GaAs with a high dielectric constant, it makes a very good substrate for integrated circuits. It’s the material used in MMICs (monolithic microwave integrated circuits), where active and crucial passive components can easily be created on a single slice of GaAs.

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