GaAs Reclaim Wafers | Important Things You Need to Know About GaAs Wafers


December 16, 2019

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Wafer reclaiming is a process used to recycle used wafers for industrial purposes. Aside from being inexpensive, GaAs reclaim wafers offer the same properties and benefits as brand-new GaAs wafers. Their only difference is thickness. Brand-new wafers are thicker compared to reclaimed wafers. In this article, we will discuss to you the essential things you need to know about GaAs reclaim wafers.


Sorting involves visually inspecting wafers, determining their wafer types, and measuring mechanical parameters and dopants. This step is crucial to avoid metallic contamination.


Film stripping removes unwanted materials from a wafer’s surface. Usually, it’s carried out in electronic wet immersion batch tanks using sulfuric acid and a hydrogen mixture.

Lapping and Grinding

Lapping and grinding remove damage or impurities on a wafer’s surface during the reclaiming process. It also helps meet the ultra-low defect requirements of customers.


Polishing uses a combination of chemical and mechanical polishing techniques to achieve a mirror-like finish on GaAs reclaim wafers. Cleaning reclaim wafers help get rid of any residues and unwanted materials left from the polishing process. It is performed in one cleaning bath, and the wafers are dried using a surface tension dryer.

Benefits of Using GaAs Wafers

Cost-Effective- what’s great about using GaAs reclaim wafers is that they offer the same benefits and properties as brand-new test wafers for a fraction of its cost!

  • Works Just Like Brand-New Wafers
  • Despite being recycled, GaAs reclaim wafers perform as excellently as brand-new wafers do.
  • Recycling is Repeatable

Because reclaiming can be done multiple times, you can triple your savings!  But despite reclaiming wafers various times, they remain to be of excellent quality.

what are gaas reclaim wafers?

Looking for GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

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