GaAs Wafer | Common GaAs Wafer Applications and Uses


April 12, 2019

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A GaAs wafer is a compound semiconductor that has gained its popularity because it has numerous properties. An example of a few of these properties are high electron mobility, high thermal stability, low noise, and broad operating temperature range. Its superior qualities make it desirable for a number of real-world applications. If you plan to use GaAs wafer for your business or for your next subject, here are its common application and uses:

Space Applications

Because GaAs is resistant to radiation deterioration, high thermal stability, and has high efficiency, it is widely used for space application. Using it in space technology has enabled scientists to be able to make strides in their research.

Radar Systems

GaAs devices produce less noise compared to silicon devices. This quality makes it useful when used at high frequencies and high-power levels. Examples are mobile phones, satellite, and microwave point-to-point links.

Gunn Diodes

Gunn diodes are used as oscillators and amplifiers which are found in radio communications, tachometers, sensors, and data link transmitters. Without them, satellite communication would be nearly impossible.

Substrate Material

GaAs wafer is widely used as a substrate material for the growth of a crystalline coat on a crystalline substrate in other III-V semiconductors.

Solar Cells and Detectors

GaAs single-crystalline thin film produces highly efficient solar cells. It is used in solar arrays which are utilized in solar cars and in other types of solar technologies.

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