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September 19, 2019

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A Germanium wafer possesses excellent crystallographic properties and exceptional electric properties, which makes it a good semiconductor material. It is used widely used in solar cells, sensors, and infrared optics applications. If you’re looking for the suitable type of wafer for your next project, then a germanium wafer might be the wafer you need. To show you how potent germanium can be, here are some of its major uses:

What is a Germanium Wafer?

The major end uses for Germanium are fiber-optics, infrared optics, polymerization catalysts, and solar electric and electronics application. Germanium is also used in chemotherapy and metallurgy. Germanium’s infrared wavelengths are transparent. This makes it an essential infrared optical element that can be easily cut and polished into windows and lenses. It is commonly used as the front optic in thermal imaging cameras with an 8-14 micron working range for firefighting, mobile night vision, hot-spot detection in the military, and for thermal imaging applications.

How Else are Germaniums Utilized?

Germaniums are also utilized in infrared spectroscopes and other optical equipment that demand highly sensitive infrared detectors. It is advisable to coat it with anti-reflection agents, like diamond-like carbon, because of its high refractive index. This coating produces a surface as hard as a diamond that can endure extreme environmental abuse.

Applying Germanium Wafers to Electronics?

In electronics, a germanium wafer is particularly used for high-speed integrated circuits. Germanium combined with silicon produces a powerful semiconductor material, which can be used in wireless communication devices to increase speed and efficiency. SiGe chips that have high-speed properties can be fabricated using low-cost but well-established production techniques.  Germanium is also found to be useful for solar panels, space applications, and high-brightness LEDs applications. GeOI or Germanium-on-insulator also has the potential to replace silicon for miniaturized chips.

what is a germanium wafer?

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