Germanium Wafer | Where Can I Find Germanium?


August 3, 2018

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When it comes to the semiconductor industry, germanium is an important component. Because of its grayish color, it has the physical traits of both a metal and a crystal. We already know that germanium is a key component in wafers, but where else can the element be found? Well, let’s take a look at where else you can find germanium outside of the germanium wafer.

Camera Lenses

As we mentioned above, germanium is used for more than just semiconductors. Since it has the traits of both a metal and a crystal it is very versatile. One of the more versatile uses is the making of camera lenses. Germanium is used specifically in the manufacturing of the wide-angle camera lens. Germanium gives special properties to the glass, making it an important component of the camera lens.


Because of how germanium is made up, it is an ideal element to combine with others. In the same way that you can add carbon to steel to make an alloy for manufacturing purposes, you can also add germanium. Germanium helps strengthen the alloy, making it more versatile.

Fluorescent Lamps

You know those big fluorescent lamps or lights that you see in many offices and other large buildings? Well, they have a coating on the inside that allows them to glow. One of the elements on the inside of those bulbs is germanium.

Are You Looking for a Germanium Wafer?

Of course, germanium is an active ingredient in semiconductors and wafers as well as the other things we mentioned above. If you are in need of germanium wafers, contact us today.

What is a germanium wafer?
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