Germanium Wafer | The Different Applications of Germanium as a Semiconductor


October 29, 2019

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Germanium is a non-toxic metalloid that is chemically alike with tin and silicon. It’s hard, grayish-white, and lustrous. Commonly, Germanium is obtained from sphalerite but can also be found in silver, copper, and lead. Germanium wafer in semiconductors is found to have better properties compared to silicon in some applications. In this article, we will discuss the different applications of Germanium as a semiconductor.

Applications of These Wafers

A germanium wafer is widely used in transistors for various electronic applications. For example, in airport security, Germanium is used to accurately detect radiation sources. Because of this, highly pure germanium crystals are also utilized in gamma spectroscopy detectors. You can also see Germanium in fluorescent lamps, alloying agents and catalysts because Germanium is utilized as a phosphor. Germanium and Germanium oxide is used in most optical devices such as infrared spectroscopes and ultra-sensitive infrared detectors because of their ability to become both transparent to the infrared. It also has a high reflective index and diffraction properties, which allows it to become a useful component in wide-angle lenses and microscopic objective. In thermal imaging cameras operating at 8-14 µm wavelength range for passive thermal imaging, Germanium is utilized as a component in the front optic.

Benefits of Germanium

It is also found to be useful for hot-spot detection in night vision technology, military, and firefighting applications. These applications are not just for technology too! Germanium or Argentium is utilized in sterling silver alloys as well. It has been discovered to help improve tarnish resistance in precious metal alloys, hence why it is used. It can also lower down the fire-scale and improve the reaction of the alloy to precipitation hardening.

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