What You Need to Know about Germanium Wafer Backgrinding


March 17, 2020

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To produce a high-quality Germanium wafer, wafers must go through several processing, including wafer backgrinding. Wafer backgrinding is the process of grating the back part of the wafer to achieve the desired wafer breadth before assembly. It has become an essential part of wafer manufacturing, especially with today’s demand for thinner Germanium wafers. Here you can find out what you need to know about Germanium wafer backgrinding.

What is a Germanium Wafer?

What Do You Need to Know about Germanium Wafer Backgrinding?

Wafer Cleaning

Wafer backgrinding has not always been part of wafer manufacturing, but the increasing demand for thinner wafers has pushed wafer manufacturers to include in the processing.Before a germanium wafer goes through backgrinding, it must first go through cleaning and surface lamination to protect it from mechanical damage and contamination.

Surface Lamination

Surface lamination involves the use of a protective tape to wrap around the surface of the wafer. After this, the surface-laminated wafers are then hauled into cassettes which will go into the holder of the backgrinding machine.

The Backgrinding Process

The machine picks up the wafer from its untapped side using a robotic arm. It then positions the wafer for backgrinding. A grinding wheel carries out the backgrinding process, following an accurate set of specifications, like D/I water temperature, spindle coolant water temperature, flow rate, wafer thickness, and feed speeds, to guarantee proper backgrinding. During the backgrinding process, a Germanium wafer is washed again and again using D/I water to help get rid of debris. After backgrinding, the wafer is returned to its cassette, and the cycle repeats for the next wafer.

Where to get a Germanium Wafer?

Do You Need a Germanium Wafer?

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