Germanium Wafer | What You Need to Know About Germanium Wafers


July 15, 2019

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Germanium wafer is considered to be one of the most popular semiconductor materials next to Silicon wafers. Because of its unique electric properties and excellent crystallographic properties, it is commonly used for applications, like solar cells, sensors, and infrared optics applications. If you plan to use Germanium wafers for a project, then here is a summary about everything you need to know about Germanium Wafers.

Germanium Wafer Production Process

To produce a Germanium wafer, it all starts with a germanium dioxide from the silt processing that is additionally purified in hydrolysis and chlorination processing.

  • In order to obtain highly pure germanium, it must first go through zone refining.
  • Through the Czochralski process, a germanium crystal is formed.
  • It then goes through a series of cutting, grinding, and etching processes.
  • After that, the wafers are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any defects. Polishing is also important to achieve that mirror finish on wafers.
  • Lastly, under a nitrogen atmosphere, the wafers are wrapped in single wafer containers.

Germanium Wafer Applications

Night vision and thermographic imaging solutions for commercial security, industrial monitoring equipment, and firefighting are two of the most common applications for Germanium blank and window. They’re also used as filters for measuring and analytical equipment, a mirror for lasers, and windows for distant temperature measurement.  Thin Germanium substrates are also used in CPV systems and triple-junction solar cells.

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