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October 3, 2019

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If you’re looking for a semiconductor material which has superior thermal properties and exceptional electrical properties, then an InP wafer might just be the type of wafer you need. InP wafers have higher electron mobility, lower power consumption, higher thermal conductivity, higher frequency, and low noise performance compared to silicon and GaAs wafers. If you want to know more about InP wafers, then here are the facts that you need to know about it:

It Has a Similar Crystal Structure with GaAs

InP stands for Indium Phosphide. It is a binary semiconductor with a zincblende or face-centered cubic crystal structure. This type of crystal structure is similar to most of the III-V semiconductors and GaAs.

There are Many Ways to Produce InP

At 400 degrees Celsius, InP can be produced through the reaction of indium phosphide and white phosphorous. It can also be produced through direct consolidation of purified elements at very high temperature and pressure. Thermal decomposition of a combination of a trialkyl indium compound and phosphine can also produce InP.

It Has Superior Electron Velocity

An InP wafer has superior electron velocity, which makes it suitable for high-power and high-frequency electronics. It was also utilized to produce a record-breaking pseudomorphic heterojunction bipolar transistor that can function at 604 GHz.

It is Widely Used in Optoelectronics

InP wafers have a direct bandgap, which makes it advantageous to use for optoelectronics devices, like laser diodes, photonic integrated circuits for optical telecommunications, and more. InP permits wavelength-division multiplexing applications. It’s also utilized as a substrate for epitaxial indium gallium arsenide based optoelectronic devices.

InP Can Be Used for Various Applications

The three main application fields where InP is being widely used are optoelectronics, high-speed electronics, and photovoltaics.

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