Integrated Circuits | What are they and how are they made?


February 8, 2016

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If you own a smart phone, computer, mp3 player or basically any electronic device, you probably use integrated circuits on a daily basis. These microscopic arrays of electronic circuits and components have so many technological benefits and have become a staple in electronic device manufacturing. We will go into details about what integrated circuits are and how these integral pieces of equipment are made!What are Integrated Circuits? Often referred to as an IC, a chip or microchip, an integrated circuit is a wafer on which thousands or even millions of resistors, capacitors and transistors are fabricated. Integrated circuits have several different functionalities and uses, some including amplifiers, times, counters, oscillators, computer memory or microprocessors. Depending on their purpose, ICs range in complexity from simple logic modules to complete microcomputers that contain millions of elements. Integrated circuits have proven to be low cost, be highly reliable, have low power requirements and high processing speeds, which are some of the reasons why these circuits have become the principal components of almost all electronic devices.How are Integrated Circuits Made?In an IC, the electrical components are formed directly onto the surface of a silicon crystal. When the silicon is being formed, the chemical composition of time areas on the surface are altered with dopants depending on what the IC will be used for. Some dopants bond with the silicon and produce regions where dopant atoms have an electron they can give up, whereas other regions have room to take one electron. These are called N and P regions, respectively, and according to what the integrated circuits main function will be, silicon wafers are doped during the fabrication to form these regions.At Wafer World, we have wafers to fit your every need. Check out our wide wafer product selection online or call us at (561) 842-4441! Whatever type of silicon wafer you need for your project, we can help, so contact us today!

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